About Our Company

If you are looking to simplify your existing water treatment system or purchase a new one, then look no further. H2OSource is your one and only source for all your water and wastewater needs.

H2OSource Water Solutions provides water treatment products and consulting services for all types of industries. We provide simple yet effective solutions for water purification and wastewater treatment in pharmaceutical, personal care, and all different types of industrial applications.

Simple Water Solutions… That’s our concept.

When looking at a water treatment system in today’s market, it’s very common to see an over-engineered treatment system installed. Due to its complexity, this usually leads to low operator intervention and a higher need for outside intervention which is usually quite costly.

Primary Objective

Here at H2OSource, we believe in simple solutions.
By keeping things simple, you can:

  • Reduce capital cost.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Reduce down time due to failures.
  • Increase operator involvement.
  • Increase overall internal understanding of how the system operates.
  • Reduce documentation requirements.

H2OSource, keeping things simple!

We can help with our
simple yet effective
turn-key solutions.

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